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My name is Mike Costanza and I have been in the residential remodeling, handyman and repair business since 1983.  I am the person you need to call when you need a home repairman, home improvement contractor or just a handyman around your home.

I specialize in providing handyman services for small to medium size jobs, serving homeowners in the Gig Harbor, Fox Island and Key Peninsula area.

  • I have been in the remodeling and renovation and handyman business since 1983, with over 25 years of experience in the home improvement field of work.
  • I will arrive on schedule and complete your job on time, with professional results.
  • I have a team of professional contractors who work with me to ensure my customers get a quality job.  If any unusual problems come up, I have a support team in place to ensure your job is done properly.
  • Serving Gig Harbor, Fox Island, Tacoma, Fife, and the Key Peninsula area of Kitsap County.

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Your home may be your biggest investment.
If you want honest and dependable handyman service at a reasonable price, please call me for a free estimate and let me prove I'm the right person for the job.
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I guarantee my work.

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